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National Association of Trailer Manufacturers

The National Association of Trailer Manufacturers was created over three decades ago with the objective of encouraging trailer safety, as well as advocate for trailer manufacturers and their suppliers on a global scale. The NATM serves as liaison between the trailer industry and policy-making governing bodies.

It's most notable safety initiative is the Compliance Verification Program, which ensures trailer manufacturers build their products in adherence to the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. For the companies that pass the mandatory assessment, a NATM decal (pictured) is placed on each trailer.

Not only do we save our customers money with the lowest and most affordable prices on enclosed cargo trailers, we also make sure you are purchasing a safe and reliable product. As a Diamond Cargo provider, every trailer we sell includes the notable decal. Yet another benefit of buying from Diamond-Cargo. Call or contact us online to start saving today!

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For more information on the NATM, and to browse the list of all complying manufacturers, visit natm.com.

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